Box Jellyfish
Box-jellyfish 482 600x450
Chironex sp.
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Cnidaria
Class Cubozoa

(Werner, 1975)

The Box Jellyfish (Class Cubozoa) is one of the most venomous creatures and the most venomous jellyfish. It is almost invisible and shaped like a box, typically found around Australia. It has killed many people, and shuts down many beaches in Queensland.

Threat to HumansEdit

Although the Box Jellyfish is super deadly, only a few species actually pose a threat to humans. They are mostly only the ones around Austarilia and in the Pacific. Although, all types of Box Jellies should be avoided. If you are stung by this dangerous creature, you should immediately head for shore and apply vinegar. Putting pressure on limbs help slow the process down, and do not urinate on the sting, for this is not scientifically proven to be true.

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