Chrysaora fuscescens
Scientific Classification
Domain Eukaryota
Kingdom Animalia
Subkingdom Eumetazoa
Phylum Cnidaria
Subphyla & Classes Subphylum Anthozoa
  • Anthozoa—corals and sea anemones

Subplylum Medusozoa—jellyfish: Cubozoa—box jellyfish, sea wasps

  • Hydrozoa—hydroids, hydra-like animals
  • Scyphozoa—true jellyfish
  • Staurozoa—stalked jellyfish

Unranked, may not be scyphozoans

  • Myxozoa—parasites
  • Polypodiozoa—parasites

Marine Marine HabitatsAquariumsGlobal OceansOcean Weather
Vertebrate FishesMammalsReptilesAmphibiansCartilaginous FishesSharks
Invertebrate ArthropodMolluscaEchinodermsCnidaria
Conservation Status Critically EndangeredEndangeredNear ThreatenedVulnerableLeast ConcernData DeficientNot Evaluated

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