Bottlenose Dolphin
Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Mammalia
Order Cetacea
Family -Delphinidae

- Iniidae
- Lipotidae
- Platanistidae

Dolphins are a common aquatic mammal found globally in all oceans. They are known to swim in podsup to the hundreds rarely, and they often play around with humans and in the wake of boats.

They are extremely popular in aquaria due to their personality and the fact that they are trainable. Many aquariums (e.g. Georgia Aquarium, Sea World Orlando) train dolphins and show their tricks to the public in dolphin shows.

This is a common activity where a dolphin performs a trick, and if the dolphin does it correctly it receives a treat, like a fish (preferably Herring) or Squid.

Dolphins are highly intelligent animals, for example a singuliar dolphin named Comet has reportedly learned math, which was reported on the Nat Geo Magezine. Comet will go up and choose the poster with less or more dots, and if he gets it correct he earns a fish. Nat Geo says that he has a B.

Another dolphin, named Winter, has incredibly survived without a tale fin. There is a movie about named Dolphin Tales, which is a true story about her survival and the amazing feats of Bio-engineering.

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