<Georgia Aquarium

This is a list of all or most fish in the Georgia Aquarium.

Coldwater QuestEdit

African Penguin Giant Pacific Octopus Painted Greenling
Beluga Whale Harbor Seal Southern Sea Otter
Black Rockfish Japanese Spider Crab Spotted Ratfish
Copper Rockfish Kelp Greenling Swell Shark
Garibaldi Snipefish Wolf-eel

Georgia ExplorerEdit

Arrow Crab Atlantic Stingray Loggerhead Sea Turtle
Red Lionfish Yellow Ray Atlantic Spadefish
Bonnethead Shark Oyster Toadfish Neon Goby
Moray Eel Brazilian Barbfish Spiny Lobster
Peppermint Shrimp Calico Crab North Atlantic Right Whale Skeleton

Ocean VoyagerEdit

Almaco Jack Fantail Ray Blacktip Shark Blue Tang
Blue Runner Shark Ray Cownose Ray Crimson Snapper
Mullet Florida Pompano Giant Grouper Guitarfish
Giant Trevally Golden Trevally Grey Snapper Humphead Wrasse
King Angelfish Sawfish Batfish Manta Ray
Potato Cod Sandbar Shark Soithern Ray Eagle Ray
Wobbegong Whale Shark Hogfish Zebra Shark

River ScoutEdit

Alligator Otter Archerfish
Black-Spot Piranha Bowfin Crappie
Catfish Chichlid Common Carp
Discus Electric Eel Lake Sturgeon
Longnose Gar Red Piranha Red Eared Slider

Tropical DiverEdit

Banded Butterflyfish Bartlett's Anthias Bicolor Angelfish
Unicornfish Bird Wrasse Bamboo Shark
Clownfish Copperband Butterflyfish Epaulette Shark
Foxface Rabbitfish French Angelfish Lion's Mane Jelly
Longnose Butterflyfish Mandarinefish Moon Jelly
Sea Nettle Seahorses Palette Surgeonfish
Porkfish Pyramid Butterflyfish Sailfin Tang
Turkeyfish Southern Fiddler Ray