Georgia Aquarium Also offers swimming lessons. When you sign up, you can sign up over the internet, or go to the Aquarium and fill out paperwork.

Appearence Edit

When your child goes, he or she is welcomed by his or her swimming teacher. You are brought to a water surface, the place where all the animals are with the tunnel. You are met by a set of pool steps. You come in the water, and you will see lots of fish and everything below you. Your teacher will show you first some basic strokes. You are given goggles tightened just for you to go meet a fish. Your teacher will congragulate you. You will be given harder lessons by the day.

Info Edit

When you drown, your teacher doesn't help you.

You may be eaten by a shark.

Don't come here.

This is dangerous.

That's all. Why am I typing a heading. Well, this is a good accomplishmant. The first I've ever done O.O I think I am going to faint. *Faints* Edit