Gulf of Mexico
Range Borders Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and the northern part of Cuba.
Climate USA, Seasonal, Mexican peninsula and Cuba, Tropical.
Countries and Territories
The Gulf of Mexico is a large gulf located in the Atlantic Ocean. It has several small artificial reefs and many animals. It includes the states of Florida, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas. It borders the southern USA and the northern part of Cuba. The Gulf of Mexico features several beaches and diving spots, as well as unique fish that are rare anywhere else in the world.


Marine Marine HabitatsAquariumsGlobal OceansOcean Weather
Vertebrate FishesMammalsReptilesAmphibiansCartilaginous FishesSharks
Invertebrate ArthropodMolluscaEchinodermsCnidaria
Conservation Status Critically EndangeredEndangeredNear ThreatenedVulnerableLeast ConcernData DeficientNot Evaluated

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