Hurricanes (Or Cyclones) are large storms that form over Global Oceans and hit islands and cities on the coast. They are very dangerous and can last up to weeks.


Cyclones/Hurricanes are ranked on a scale of Category 1-5, five of course being the largest and most dangerous. Many hurricanes can have wind speeds up to 100 mph (American Measurement), and cause severe flooding. When a hurricane comes, many people evacuate, and cover their windows with plywood. The eye of the hurricane is the least dangerous area, where it does not storm as much. Although, the wall of the hurricane eye is often the most dangerous area.

Effects on the OceanEdit

  • The ocean breaks into large waves called "Storm Surge," which can grow very high and flood areas.
  • Rouge Waves are also problems for ships at sea, they are when 2 very strong waves collide and explode into one large wave.


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