This is a list of identification groups to identify fish.

1. Disks and Ovals/ColorfulEdit




Queen Angelfish

Blue Angelfish

Gray Angelfish

French Angelfish

Pyramid Butterflyfish Surgeonfish (In General)

 2. SilveryEdit

Dolphinfish Jacks Mackerels Wahoo Needlefish

Horse-eye Jack

Almaco Jack

Crevalle Jack

King Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel

Wahoo Needlefishes (In General)
Barracuda Grunts Bonefishes Snooks Mullets
Great Barracuda Sailers Grunt Bonefish Common Flathead
Porgies Tarpon Cobia Flying Fishes Spadefish

3.Sloping Heads/Tapered BodiesEdit

Grunts Snappers
White Grunt

Grey Snapper

Red Snapper

4.Small OvalsEdit

Damselfishes Hamlets
Damselfish (In General) Hamlets (In General)

5. Heavy Bodies/Large LipsEdit

Groupers Basses

Giant Grouper

Nassau Grouper

Seabasses (In General)
Soapfishes Basslets
Goldribbon Soapfish

Basslet (In General)

Royal Gamma

6. Swim with Pectoral Fins/Obvious ScalesEdit

Parrotfishes Hogfishes Wrasses Razorfishes

Parrotfish (In General)

Rainbow Parrotfish

Hogfish (In General) In General

7. Reddish/Big EyesEdit

Bigeyes Cardinalfishes Squirrelfishes
Cardinalfish (In General) In General

8. Small Bottom DwellersEdit

Gobies Jawfishes Blennies

9. Odd Shaped Bottom DwellersEdit

Flounders Batfishes Clingfishes Frogfishes
Toadfishes Scorpionfishes Sea Robins Pipefishes
Hawkfishes Cods

10. Odd shaped SwimmersEdit

Trumpetfishes Cornetfishes Tilefishes
Puffers Porcupines Boxfishes
Triggerfishes Filefishes Drums
Tripletails Goatfishes Sweepers

11. EelsEdit

Morays Congers Snake Eels

12. Sharks and RaysEdit

Requiem Sharks Pointed-nose Sharks Rays
Nurse Sharks Hammerheads

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