Manta Ray
Cephalopterus manta

(Bancroft, 1829)

Scientific Classification
Kingdom Animalia
Phylum Chordata
Class Chondrichthyes
Order Myliobatiformes
Family Myliobatidae
Genus Manta

(Bancroft, 1829)

Species • Manta alfredi, Manta birostris

The Manta Ray lives in the Open Ocean, and ranges in several areas including the Atlantic Ocean. It is the largest ray and has two different species:

  • Reef manta ray
  • Giant Manta


The Manta Ray is very large. It is located in very few public aquariums, and is often compared to the larger Whale Shark. It's wingspan can reach up to 25 feet across, which is very large for a ray


The Manta Ray is very different from other rays. It spends most of its time swimming and the oceans, and eats Zooplankton. When it finds a good feeding area, it often loops around to eat, and in the Georgia Aquarium they were trained to feed off of other items.

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