Any users on the Marine Wiki must follow the following rules in order to maintain a positive environment and allow the wiki to thrive:

  1. Do not vandalize any pages, or you shall be blocked after 2 (and only 2) warnings! Vandalizing includes: Deleting current content to result in a short page, inserting false information, spamming in comments or chat, and etc.
  2. Do not start edit wars, or the page will promptly be protected. Please message each other when in a dispute over what is right on a page, or you will both be blocked.
  3. Please do not curse in comments, articles, or chat as it is unprofessional and doesn't create a positive atmosphere. Instead use phrases like, "What the clams?!" or, "Holy mackerel!"

Chat Edit

Please do not curse so you can act professionally. Remember, chat is for fun discussions and the sharing of marine information- not for arguments! In cases like this, it can have a negative effect on other users and could result in having to get blocked if it continues to be a large problem....

Blog Posts Edit

You may post a blog about anything (as long as it does not include vulgar content and breaks any of the rules above), but please don't post a blog post an your shelling expeditions in Miami every 5 minutes (just an example). Stuff like this gets on others' nerves, and while it is important we have a large community blogging about the ocean, please don't be excessive. Also, on comments, please don't do it after the discussion has clearly ended. For instance, if I wrote a blog post on 8/11/15, and the last comment was on 8/17/15, don't comment on the advise you think they need at that point in time at 9/19/17!

Commenting Edit

Please limit your comments on general nonsense to once or twice a day, as this could be considered spam and, frankly, just annoying. For example, if I commented, "Aw, tarter sauce!" on one post, and then 15 minutes later comment, "Stinnngrayyz rule!," do you really think it's helping the community?

Basic Rules
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