Affiliations are a great way to collaborate and help promote both wikis. If you would like to affiliate, please leave a Blog Post for us to see. For Affiliation Requests, please follow these guidelines:

  • The other wiki must have a min. of 30 pages.
  • The other wiki must have at least 2 admins, although 3 would be recommended.
  • The other wiki must show the affiliation somehow to help promote our wiki, as we will do so as well. If not done in a max. of 7 days, the affiliation request will be halted.
  • We need a valid reason to accept the request.
  • We should answer within 10 days.
  • Only Admins will answer the request, and only Admins should bring the request to us.
  • Please leave a link to the wiki on request.

Thank you, and we encourage you to join our wiki or leave an affiliation request here!

Affiliation PartnersEdit

Animal Central Dogs and cats and also wild animals can be found here!
Topo wiki Maps and everything topography!

Basic Rules
AdministrationRequesting AdminshipMarine RulesManual of StylePolicyAffiliation

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