This is the guide before adding/editing new pages here on Marine Wiki.

Template for Animal infoboxEdit

The Template:Animalbox should be added to all animal pages. If you cannot add this template then wait for someone else to add it, but try to remain consistent with adding this to those pages. This is the template you should insert:

Input example:

|image = 
|imagewidth = 250
|caption = 
|othername = 
|location = 
|population = 
|kingdom = Animalia
|phylum = 
|class = 
|order = 
|family =
|genus = 
|species = 
|statusimage = eg: CR, EN, NT, VU, LC
|status = 
Manual of Style
West African Manatee
example caption
Common Name insert other name
Range insert location
Estimated Population insert population
Scientific Classification
Kingdom example kingdom
Phylum example phylum
Class example class
Subclass example subclass
Order example order
Suborder example suborder
Family example family
Subfamily example subfamily
Genus example genus
Species • example genus
Subspecies • example subspecies
Conservation Status
(IUCN 3.1)
Critically Endangered


For every page, if able, you should add a video or picture if possible. This goes for all pages unless for some reason there is a lack of information.

Please comply that every images/videos are subjected to their copyrights. See more Copyrights.

Example PictureEdit

Blue whale

Example VideoEdit

6 Killer Whales in Underwaterviewing Seaworld Orlando06:43

6 Killer Whales in Underwaterviewing Seaworld Orlando

Video ToursEdit

Video Tours are an optional video that should only be added to Aquarium or Aquarium Exhibit Pages. These videos should be at least more than 30 seconds, but less than 2 hours long. They should mostly include content from the aquarium/aquarium exhibit you're editing.

Conservation StatusEdit

For all Animal Pages, if possible, you should add somewhere the Conservation Status if known. These include:

Not Evaluated (NE)                      Endangered (EN)

Data Deficient (DD)                      Vulnerable (VN)

Least Concern (LC)                     Critically Endangered (CR)

Near Threatened (NT)                 Extinct (EX)

Basic Rules
AdministrationRequesting AdminshipMarine RulesManual of StylePolicyAffiliation

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