Scuba (Self Cointained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) is a device that allows certified humans to breathe underwater. An oxygen tank is place on the back of a human, and is connected by a main line. The main line runs air to the regulator, which is placed over the human's mouth to recieve air. With this application, humans are able to explore underwater very well.

How to become CertifiedEdit

In many big cities there are diving centers, where you may learn to dive at if you're at the age of atleast 12 (American Regulations). There you'll learn about the regulations and about SCUBA, and for the second portion you'll have to do laps in a pool, and practice SCUBA in a pool. Next you will try an open water dive in a quarry, resivoir, or lake near you. The recreational dive limit in America is 66 feet, and below 80 feet many people may pass out or become lightheaded.