Skates are a type of Cartilaginous Fish belonging to the rajidae family that live on the seafloor. They are related to Rays and Sharks. They are named Skates because they scoot along the ocean floor with fins near the tail in order to move from place to place on a regular basis. There are many species of skate, all found on the seafloor.

Identification Edit

Skates can be difficult to identify due to their likeness to most rays. They can be easily identified by noticing that Skates:

  • Mostly have more triangular fins
  • Move by using fins near the tail to scoot off the floor
  • Have tails do not have "stingers" but instead small fins.

Using these as common knowledge you can easily tell if what you're seeing is a skate or a ray. They have much in common, but also many subtle differences.


  • Rajinae (hardnose skates)
  • Arhynchobatinae (softnose skates)

List of skatesEdit

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