Southern Ocean
Antartica ocean-map
Range Body of water between 60 degrees south latitude and Antarctica
Area 20.327 million sq km
Coordinates 65 00 S, 0 00 E (nominally)
Map References Antarctic Region
Coastline 17,968 km
Elevation Extremes Lowest point: -7,235 m at the southern end of the South Sandwich Trench

Highest point: Sea level 0 m

Countries and Territories

The Antarctic Ocean, also called the Southern Ocean, surrounds the southern polar continent of Antarctica. The Antarctic shoreline and surrounding islands serve as a breeding ground for thousands of seals and birds, including of course the easily recognizable penguin.

The animals that call Antarctica home generally live on land only part-time and use the waters near shore for food and even to help keep them warm.

This is one of the fourth largest oceans of the world. This Ocean extends from the coast of Antarctica to around sixty degrees south latitude. It has an area of around 7,848,300 sq miles.

The deepest point of this ocean has not been named, but it is located in the south end of the Sandwich Trench.


Sea temperatures vary from about −2 to 10 Celsius °C.



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