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The Tropical Diver is an exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium that features many different reef animals.The Tropical Diver features many different forms of reef animals from several different galleries, like Jellyfish and Pacific Barrier Reef. 


  • Garden Eel Habitat
  • Porkfish
  • Jelly Junction
  • Pacific Barrier Reef
  • Seahorse Habitat
  • Clown and Anenome Habitat
  • Turkeyfish
  • Bubble Habitat


Moon Jelly Porkfish Fiddler Rays
Longnose Butterflyfish Clownfish Unicornfish
Foxface Rabbitfish Bamboo Shark Garden Eel
Pacific Sea Nettle Palette Surgeonfish
Yellow Tang Seahorse


Tropical Diver at Georgia Aquarium03:04

Tropical Diver at Georgia Aquarium

External LinksEdit

Tropical Diver Animal Guide

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